Year 9

Vecka 35-40 The Trip of a Lifetime

The Assignment

The List
Inspired by the facts you have found on Internet you and your buddy decide to make a trip of a lifetime. Before leaving you carefully plan the journey that will take you through two different states in America. First you make a list of places that you have found particularly interesting and therefore want to visit in the two states. Hand in the list to your teacher.

The Log

Write a travel log in a word-document. Your log should include the following:

  • describe the places and what you are doing based on your opinions, experiences, feelings, (you write this in your log during your trip)
  • reflect on living condition, traditions, social relations and cultural phenomena, (you write this in your log during your trip)
  • compare and contrast the states to Uppsala and Sweden, (you write this in your log during your trip)
  • Gather material for, and put together, a powerpoint as you travel. Your powerpoint should include pictures and names of places that you have visited – no text!

Presentation of your work
Present your trip in front of your class. It’s important that you practise a lot before your presentation and make sure that everybody talks as much as possible.


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